Car Guys


What is life like with your vintage car? How do other people react to it? And what led you to buy it?

These are the seemingly banal questions that intrigue classic car lovers of all stripes. Car Guys – The Culture of Owning a Classic Car by Fabrizio d’Aloisio offers answers with 30 black-and-white photo stories and accompanying interviews with classic car owners from St. Moritz via Monte Carlo to Capri. This book is an aesthetic look at people who love cars, an inspiration for anyone who already owns a classic or who wants to fulfill this dream.

Product shots by Andrea Klainguti, SPOT Werbung


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Car Guys – The Culture of Owning a Classic Car


Photos & concept: Fabrizio d’Aloisio

Foreword: Monty Shadow

Text contributions: Jan Baedeker, Stefan Bogner, Shayan Bokaie, Federico Fabbri, Ted Gushue and Alberto Vassallo

Release: March 2020

Language: English

Format: 23 x 30 cm, Hardcover, 432 pages, designed in St. Moritz by Dario Cantoni, SPOT Werbung, and printed in Italy by Grafiche Milani

330 black and white photos and 30 short interviews featuring: Alfred Riederer, Chris Knetsch, Alexandra Knetsch, Werner Pircher, Claudio Enz, Rudolf Fopp, Davide Cantoni, Andrea Klainguti, Cristina Seeberger, Irene Schauerte, Roland Schmid, Mario Plaz, Louis Frey, Jürg Oschwald, Martin Steppacher, Andrea Biffi, Riccardo Frulli, Carl Gustav Magnusson, Marco Makaus, Simone Sven Ventrella, Alberto Federico, Michela Giovinetti, Ronnie Kessel, Urs Barmettler, Christian Jott Jenny, Raul Marchisio, Martina Pichlmeier, Eugenio Amos, Duccio Lopresto, Guglielmo Miani.

ISBN: 978-3-033-07430-9



“This unusually high-quality produced book with over 400 pages and a weight of three kilograms is a pan-opticon in the best sense of the word. The author has captured the described characters and their automotive alter egos with an extraordinarily sensitive, unpretentious lens. The result is a wonderfully diverse kaleidoscope of a passion that runs through generations, professions, provenances and sociologies and unites them beyond all differences. 5 stars!”

Octane Magazine