Levi & PMP Designs

Levi and PMP Design came up with a cool concept called G-Fifty: the modern reinterpretation of Gianni Agnelli’s G. Cinquanta speedboat. The new vessel is equally elegant, it carries the same aggressive lines and needle-like bow as the legendary 1967 model, but will feature all latest technologies and materials. Are you ready for an interesting flashback and some uber cool renders? Get on board.

Sonny Levi in control © Fabrizio Ricci

In 1962 L’Avvocato himself met Renato “Sonny” Levi, a Karachi-born and Italy-based talented boat designer working for Cantieri Delta in Anzio, a small not far from Rome. His boats were primarily intended to meet the needs of wealthy people with a thing for speed and style. Delta boats’ hulls were famous for their long overhanging bows scarified by longitudinal steps: clients such as Roberto Olivetti – CEO of the Olivetti company, which gave birth to one of the first programmable calculators and, in 1970s/80s, the second biggest personal computer vendor behind IBM in Europe – Count Corrado Agusta – CEO of Agusta, the Italian helicopter manufacturer – or Prince Karim Aga Khan were on the list.

Count Agusta’s Barbarina

Agnelli commissioned to Levi a racing cabin cruiser in order to attend the first offshore race in Europe from Cowes to Torquay, England. The boat was powered by 3 x 5.4-litre Maserati V8 engines and its 1.200+ hp, able to push the Ultima Dea at 46 knots. 1966 was the turn for another racing machine by Delta, the Ultima Volta. 

Gianni Agnelli on Ultima Dea

One year later, in 1967, Agnelli asked for something more fresh and even more quicker, a pleasure craft that had to be: ”Fast, reliable, able of negotiating mixed weather conditions with an acceptable degree of comfort” while, for safety reasons, sustaining a reasonable speed in case of mechanical problem. Sonny’s answer was the 11.28 meters G. Cinquanta, which had 4 x 8.0-litre BPM Vulcano V8 and 1.280 hp – the same engines used by Italian Coast Guard fast patrol boats when chasing cigarette smugglers in the Adriatic Sea. Transmission had four independent drives, shafts and propellers settings, able to move the boat at 25 knots with two engines only. With four engines running, the top speed was 50 knots.

Sonny Levi on Agnelli’s G. Cinquanta

The brand new concept G-Fifty, instead of a cold-molded deep-V hull with four layers of diagonally-laid mahogany planking as its predecessor, is crafted from carbon composite. An extremely yet powerful contemporary speedboat which also gained an extra 3 meters and a more commanding presence.

Project studies begun in 2016, when Sonny penned a new, super efficient hull. The four engines configuration would have no sense nowadays, as 1.500+ hp can be delivered by a single engine. The new G-Fifty has an estimated maximum speed of 78 knots, which makes it the perfect go-fast boat to tear-up the French Riviera or the Costa Smeralda coasts.

PMP Design is taking orders for 2022 deliveries, prices upon request.