Vita Lion

100% electric

Vita aims to replace traditional combustion engines on water and, in order to do so, it develops electric powertrains, supercharging systems and full electric powerboats. The 9 meters Vita IX was launched in 2017 and 10 meters Vita X in 2018. 2021 gave birth to a new product, the Vita Lion. For us and for several reasons, the Lion could be the powerboat of the year: an idea that comes from some of the brightest minds in automotive tech, yacht design and engineering, making the Italian/Great Britain-based company a true catalyst for a fresh and stylish new boating era.

The Vita Lion is the first premium electric powerboat compatible with fast DC charging, combining high performance and style with < 1 hour charging time. Plan is to build a network of proper dockside superchargers, designed to support the use of Vita’s high performance boats. Vita superPower charging station are currently installed and operational in Monaco, Cannes and Saint-Tropez.

Powered by 2 x 100% electric motors capable of 300 kW in continuous power, the Vita Lion boasts a proprietary control system able to deliver a cruising speed of 24 knots and a top speed of 35+. Moreover, peak power can reach 440 kW.

This luxury entirely electrically-propelled powerboat, featuring elegant classic lines enriched with teak and light aluminium finishes designed by Borromeo & De Silva, can accommodates up to 8 guests in its large sunbathing area which can be configured for dining and it also includes a small cabin in the front section with beds, WC, sink and smart storage compartments.