Delta Safarista

AAmos latest idea

Functionality and durability over aesthetics: this is the leitmotif that led us during the development of Automobili Amos’ last creation, the Safarista. At the same time the Italian-based team always felt that racing features enable that functional-look that we all love and find extraordinarily fascinating.

Automobili Amos, once more, tried to put all the racing know-how of Podium Advanced Technology and the taste of BorromeoDeSilva on the same path, in order to completely reshape the contents of their 2018-launched Delta Futurista, and take it on another level of performance and driving pleasure to satisfy the requests of their demanding customers.

The Safarista will use a Lancia Delta Integrale 16V as donor car. No more than 10 units will be produced, deliveries to start in 2023-24.


• 3-doors shape

• Custom wheels

• New front & rear bumpers

• New front fenders

• New sidepod

• Central exhaust pipe

• New wing

• Lower front and rear shields

• Mud flaps


• 2 seats configuration

• Motorsport pedal set

• Motorsport steering wheel with snap-off

• Racing button box

• Carbon rear tub with spare wheel

Engine, chassis, gearbox & electronics

• Engine fully upgraded by Autotecnica

• Upgraded water, oil and air charge cooling system

• Sequential gearbox & Motorsport differentials

Brake & suspensions

• Hydraulic handbrake

• Adjustable suspension derived from motorsport

• Motorsport brakes with steel brake discs


• Full bucket seats

• 4 or 5 points harnesses

• Fire extinguisher

• Motorsport tank

• Full rollbar

The AAmici community. Automobili Amos’ dream has always been to create a community of different people sharing the same visceral love for cars, to create a sense of belonging to the AAmici community, born jokingly through an Instagram hashtag.

From their point of view, too often cars are bought as trophies rather than as objects capable of making their owners live unforgettable experiences, and it is through this new project that AAmos wants to create a network of like-minded people around the world, in love with that sense of adventure, creating memories that will last a lifetime.

No matter where, but how and with whom

Automobili Amos

The aim of the Safarista program is being able to offer customers a non-competitive but  still motorsport-perceived experience, so they can safely reach their own limits surrounded by incredible landscapes such as an ice ring in Finland or some Arabia sandy dunes.

Few but good travel mates, full and hassle free logistic, astonishing scenarios and the sound of the engines: that’s the way Automobili Amos loves to enjoy its passion.