Style, comfort and performance

Last September, Maserati entered its new era unveiling the MC20, a long-awaited supercar that combines performance and luxury with the unique Tridente taste. Few weeks ago, thanks to Sabelt, we have been invited to Modena racetrack for an exciting test drive. The MC20 features an incredible aerodynamic efficiency and the 621 hp twin turbo V6 Nettuno engine that delivers 0-100 km/h acceleration in under 2,9 seconds and a top speed over 325 km/h. Power is combined with an extremely lightweight car – under 1.500  kg – totaling a best in class weight/power ratio, at just 2.33 kg/hp. This record has been achieved through the use of choice quality materials, exploiting all the potentials of carbon fiber without any sacrifices with regard to comfort.

When you open the impressive butterfly doors you soon perceive that this stunningly beautiful machine is also functional, as everything in has been developed in order to improve the car’s ergonomics. Here’s what Sabelt did, this time, for the Modena-based brand: a completely brand new ultra premium seat, fully engineered, tested and manufactured in Italy. Just like the the Maserati MC20 itself.

This is the first Maserati seat with an high performance composite structural shell, equipped with power adjustments and lumbar system. A product that stems from a 100% Sabelt know-how, adapted to the MC20 needs through a successful cooperation work among the two style and engineering departments. The new seats of the Maserati MC20 are in fact the result of a collaboration grounded in the sharing of two italian companies values, oriented towards innovation and improvement by an intensive research and development acitvity. They represent the essence of the MC20 project: sportiveness at a high quality and performance level, as required by the super premium market. Moreover, the MC20 seats are fully customizable in logos, stitching and materials and have a good ergonomics to ensure containment in curves and comfort in sporty driving.

The MC20 is designed to enable coupé and convertible versions and for full electric power.

Inside the cabin, the driver is always central, and nothing must distract them from the sporting driving experience. Every component has a purpose, and is completely driver-oriented. Simple forms, very few sharp edges and minimal distractions. There are two 10”screens: one for the cockpit and the other for the Maserati Multimedia System   Simplicity is also the keynote of the carbon fiber-clad central console, with just a few features: the wireless smartphone charger, the driving mode selector – GT, Wet, Sport, Corsa and a fifth, ESC Off, which deactivates the control functions – two speed selection buttons, the power window controls, the Multimedia System controls, and a handy storage compartment underneath the armrest. All the other controls are on the steering wheel, with the ignition button on the left and the launch control on the right.

For the launch, Maserati has also developed six new colors to characterize MC20: Bianco Audace, Giallo Genio, Rosso Vincente, Blu Infinito, Nero Enigma and Grigio Mistero. Each of them has been conceived, designed and developed exclusively for this car and they all convey important themes: a strong reference to Made in Italy, to Italian identity and to the land, as well as one linked to Maserati tradition.

Both visually and conceptually, there are strong references to the MC12, the car that marked Maserati’s racing comeback in 2004. In the same way as its predecessor, MC20, with its explicitly racing soul clear from its name alone, announces the intention to return to the world of racing.

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