928 restomod

Nardone Automotive & Borromeo De Silva

The 928, since its debut in 1978, has always been an unconventional car, completely
different from all the others: there was no similar model in the Porsche range before and, after
winning the Car of the Year title, it remained part of their model range for 17 years, selling a
total of over 60,000 units. Until now it has never been succeeded, bit of a shame, wouldn’t you

The class of the Porsche 928, with its elegance, its smooth and ultra-modern style could not
remain in the past, as if suspended in time. It is for this reason that Thierry Nardone, a
sophisticated and expert car guy, with a visceral passion for “transaxle” Porsches, imagined
a 928 that could once again express the full potential of the values and characteristics that
had defined and shaped it. Almost 45 years earlier: a refined and exciting GT that combines
comfort, performance and contemporary luxury.

Today, Nardone Automotive offers a series of changes to the Porsche 928 to transform it
into a special and tailor-made GT. The bodywork, with muscular fenders, is made almost
entirely of composite materials, the front and rear lights have been specifically designed and
built, the new, forged 18-inch wheels equipped with Michelin Pilot Sport 5 tires are a modern
interpretation of the old ‘manhole’ 16” wheel.

The interior has been completely revised and welcomes Foglizzo leather and Alcantara. The
infotainment now incorporates the Porsche Classic Management system (PCCM) combined
with a luxury Hi-Fi system and Apple CarPlay.

From a technical point of view, the 928 from Nardone Automotive relies on the classic eight-
cylinder V-aspirated engine targeted to output 400bhp. Managed by a modern engine control

unit and coupled to the original 5-speed manual gearbox, now modified to a 6-speed manual
with a limited-slip differential. Finally, the chassis setup utilises redesigned front and rear axle
and spindle, active controlled electronic suspension, increased brakes and adaptive electric
power steering.

After Milan Design Week, Nardone Automotive’s 928 will once again be in the spotlight at one
of the most anticipated automotive events of the year, the Goodwood Festival of Speed, from
23 to 26 June, in England.

The first deliveries of the 928 by Nardone Automotive are expected in 2024.