The Art of Dreams

Ruby Barber x Porsche

At Milan Design Week, running parallel to Salone del Mobile, Porsche presented the latest round of its exhibition series called The Art of Dreams: an installation piece by Ruby Barber — Studio Mary Lennox, Berlin — which connects nature and modern technology. 

The ‘Everywhereness’ installation is a labyrinth of wild roses that brings into question the relationship between nature, human-made spaces and technology. A section of the footpaths is made of mirrors, while live drones add surreal effects. The artwork can be experienced until June 12 in the courtyard of Palazzo Clerici.

The Art of Dreams started in October 2021, as a series of interactive art installations in taking place worldwide. Dreams are the main theme, and the work of Ruby  Barber encourages the spectators to question their own sense of reality, and to follow their dreams in the labyrinth of life — no matter how surreal they seem.

“We are delighted to be a part of Milan Design Week for the first time — it’s the perfect environment for continuing our successfully launched exhibition series,” said Robert Ader, Porsche Chief Marketing Officer, “Design, creativity, the connection between humans and technology, and the dream subject — everything matches with our brand, and Ruby transformed this into a truly inspirational artwork. We hope that her surreal labyrinth will stimulate and delight many visitors to the Design Week.”

“Our studio is takes inspiration by the intersections between the human environment and the natural world,” claimed the artist Ruby Barber. “Working with a brand like Porsche offers a wonderful opportunity to explore these connections with emphasis on technology, architecture, design and beauty. The title ‘Everywhereness’ came to our mind while exploring the possible futures of botanics and technology and the spaces these entities could inhabit. The installation isn’t tied to a single moment or place; it is rather a feeling of expansive possibilities in infinite environments”.

Alongside the artist’s botanic artwork, there’s a stunning 1972 Porsche 911 S 2.4 Targa surrounded by white, giant peonies. In addition, TAG Heuer is accompanying the exhibition as official timekeeper, communicating when the performance starts.