Heritage HUB and Officine Classiche

Where time and care find their right space

The Heritage HUB is housed on the site of the former Officina 81 in Via Plava, Turin, one of Fiat’s historic manufacturing plants inside the Mirafiori complex. The original building, built in the mid-1960s to house mechanical workshops dedicated to the production of transmission parts, was subjected to a careful conservation and restoration process that respected its industrial character, its original colours, its historic cement flooring and the dense network of vertical supports that punctuates the space.

The Heritage HUB contains all the services, activities and products including staff offices. Its over 15.000 square meters of space also contains the awesome Hub Collection which displays the history of the complex, and above all a unique exhibition of 250+ vehicles, some of them never seen in public before. It includes eight transversal theme areas, each of which contains eight models from different brands and periods. “Small and safe”: houses a selection of models that combined maximum safety with minimum dimensions; “Style marks” shows a series of milestones that left their visual mark on the history of motorcar design; “Epic journeys” celebrates cars that made famous and unforgettable road trips; “The Rally era”is reserved for models which have written glorious pages in the annals of rallies; “Eco and sustainable” is a group of the most innovative cars in terms of sensitivity to environmental issues; “Archistars” showcases eight technical masterpieces that introduced significant innovations in motorcar architecture, in terms of functionality and manufacture; “Concepts and fuoriserie” displays special series and ultra-rare models, some unique one-offs and also some utopian dreams; “Records and races” hosts the legendary racing cars that drove the most prestigious triumphs, record-breakers and heroes.

One of our favorite locations is, beyond any doubt, Officine Classiche, where classic cars are taken care of and revived. Opened in 2015 inside the former Officina 83 and fully refurbished one year ago aligning it with the complex’s visual identity, these workshop is one of the most powerful driving forces behind the Heritage HUB.

This area hosts the repair, restoration and certification activities concerning historic Abarth, Alfa Romeo, Fiat and Lancia cars whether belonging to private collectors or to the magnificent Heritage HUB’s collection. The accuracy and fidelity of each intervention is guaranteed by the use of the original production data and technical drawings of every model kept in the company archives, and also by the unique experience of the Heritage team of specialists.

At Officine Classiche owners of vintage Alfa Romeo, Fiat, Lancia and Abarth cars find the key skills and the unrivaled quality standards necessary for nurturing their automotive passion. Indeed, the same team that cares for the Heritage HUB Collection is also available to private customers, with services ranging from simple maintenance – including that of racing models, which require specific checks before being taken to the racetrack – to complete restoration: including diagnosis, interior restoration, repair of individual mechanical and aesthetic components and, obviously, complete final testing. Each model treated follows defined and rigorous processes, but can also be adapted to any type of client request. A dossier is created for each restoration, containing the technical and photographic documentation of the procedures carried out.

Moreover, Officine Classiche activities focuses on issuing authenticity certifications. When every aspect of the vintage car has been analyzed in detail, and its production data and technical specifications in the company archives scrupulously verified, Officine Classiche certifies the vehicle’s authenticity, thus underlining its value. The certification process requires that each car goes through a rigorous control and evaluation process carried out by the Heritage team of experts, carefully checking its authenticity and its components, and the functioning of the main mechanical parts. The Certificate of Authenticity is available for classic models of the Alfa Romeo, Fiat, Lancia and Abarth brands and – as you might prefer – the analysis of the car can also be performed at the owner’s home, in complete safety.

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