Mille Miglia 2020

Through our own eyes

To me this photograph is the exact representation of what our first Mille Miglia looked like. We were in Pollenza, Marche, at the heart of Italy. During a quick stop a man comes to say hello, he starts to look and caress our 328 #105. He stares and touches her with great passion. He then starts to ask questions about the car, about our journey, he asks where will we go next while he tells us with great sadness how badly this little village was hit by the 2016 earthquake.

It’s almost hard for him to say goodbye, melancholic but happy wave his hans and bids us farewell. Aware of been, even just for a little while, part of our long trip. All over the world there are just a bunch of events that can fill you up with incredible history and beautiful stories. So thank you 1000 Miglia for gifting us with breathtaking landscapes, sometimes hidden and little known.

Grazie mille G. Aghem, proper old-fashioned gentleman, free spirit and healthy soul. As always thank you, Davide De Martis for creating such unique and representative photographs, and making Car&vintage the reality that is today, and Tomaso Trussardi for sharing this fantastic car with me.

Itama 62S