Ryan Gosling x TAG Heuer

Love at first sight

From his brooding wheelman in Drive to his allsinging, all-dancing Oscar-nominated turn in La La Land, Ryan Gosling is an actor who defies easy categorisation. The attributes his roles do have in common: a willingness to be fearless, to constantly challenge himself and push what’s possible. Who’s better, then, to join TAG Heuer as its ambassador: where passion, effortless style and commitment to excellence are as central to the man as they are to the brand. And who better than the actor who could be seen as the heir apparent to the legendary Steve McQueen, two men for whom style and substance are one and the same, to drive the brand forward. But Gosling also represents something else: a new breed of masculinity that’s both sensitive and low-key, a confidence that is by definition effortless, much like the brand itself.

“We are thrilled to announce Ryan Gosling as TAG Heuer global ambassador, for his first ever brand partnership. A star since his early days, he has grown to become an icon – one both enigmatic and inscrutable. He is a true artist who chooses his projects with utmost care and dedicates himself to them like no other, not only shaping his character but the entire creative direction. The movie Drive represents the strongest link with who we are today, and we are excited about the creative projects we have together,” said TAG Heuer CEO Frédéric Arnault.

Ryan Gosling: “TAG Heuer has quietly and consistently been a classic and iconic pillar of excellence in its field for over a hundred and sixty years. Partnering with them was an easy decision and time, in general, is just something I think a lot about now. My kids are growing up fast so I keep an eye on the clock in a way I never used to.”

A new generation of TAG Heuer’s timeless sporty and elegant three-hand watch – the TAG Heuer Carrera Three Hands – could hardly provide a better way to start Ryan Gosling’s partnership with the brand. The watches represent a showcase for the brand’s motor racing heritage, where elegance and fearlessness go hand in hand. As a committed motoring enthusiast, few would appreciate the dedication to clean lines and an obsession with readability more, with the collection representing the company’s purest and most elegant watch in the Swiss manufacturer portfolio.

The new collection of 13 pieces reinterprets and reimagines the horological Carrera icon in four versions: Day Date 41 mm, Twin-Time Date 41 mm, Date 39 mm and Date 29 mm.

I appreciate its timeless design. I like clean and simple design generally. Growing up we lived on a pretty tight budghet. I gravited towards things that were simple and timeless so I didn’t have to think about keeping up with new trends.

Ryan Gosling